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Ecosystem Islands In A Sea Of Weeds

You can make a small site or island in a weedy landscape that in time and with weed control of the surrounds can be joined together with other islands or sites to make a larger native vegetation patch, wildlife corridor or to join with a core reserve or park.

The key is to make a revegetation patch that doesn’t let in weeds because it is already FULL with native plants. Then there is no room for weeds. We recommend using lots of ground covers like grasses and ground hugging spreaders to keep out weeds on the ground. When they all grow together and completely cover the ground, there is no room for weeds!

When you are in beautiful natural Australian bush, there are no or few weeds because there isn’t room. Only 1 plant can grow in 1 place at one time – so make it a native plant or some other plant that you DO want.

The revegetation method described on the Biodiverse Sustainable Revegetation page can establish a long-term, low maintenance biodiverse ecosystem that will keep out the weeds.

 This method  is especially useful on sites that have great variability, with some parts much easier to work on than others.

It is also an effective way to link with existing native vegetation.

Nail Can Hill Reserve

Nail Can Hill Reserve