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Let’s stop weeding

A planting area can be made safe from weeds by having all the ground covered by native plants. Trees and shrubs are a good start to revegetation but they can’t keep the weeds out at ground level.

Weeds come from 2 directions: UP from the topsoil, and IN with the wind.

Laying newspaper, cardboard or weed mat immediately stops the weeds coming up and it takes about 2 years for the wind-blown weeds to take over the ground between plantings.

SEE our video clip on this method here

one of the great 'weedbuster' plants, Bidgee Widgee

one of the great ‘weedbuster’ plants, Bidgee Widgee

Where there is a plant growing, any other plant,  such as a weed,  can’t take up that same bit of ground – think what good bush is like or even a lawn.

So put the plants close together and use lots of ground covers like grasses and ground hugging spreaders to keep the weeds out. Then we can stop using herbicides.