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Creekline or Dam

Have you got a wet spot, a creek or a dam?
Is the soil eroding there?
We have special plants that can even be semi-aquatic.They benefit the environment with their ability to hold soil from washing away and provide important habitat for our Australian wildlife such as water birds, frogs and insects.

Billabong Rush: Juncus usitatus
Woodland/Forest/Upper Forest
Fine, arching stems to 1.2 m height. Fast growing, long lived and very hardy rush for moist to swampy areas and holds banks. Provides cover for frogs, nesting birds and food for yabbies

Broom Rush: Juncus sarophus
Woodland/Forest/Upper Forest
Height to 1.5 m. Grows in creek line or dam. Also suited to plant in a soak or beside a spring.

Moira Grass: Pseudoraphis spinescens
WET Spreading creeper grass, semi-aquatic. Grows well after flooding and provides food for kangaroos, habitat for water birds, frogs and insects.
Dependent on flooding for flowering and growth.