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Ground cover under 1 meter tall

Here you find those delightful flowers of all shapes sizes and scents.

Bulbine Lily Bulbine bulbosa Origin: Alpine, woodland, forest, upper forest. Height to 60cm. Very attractive yellow flowers from Sept to Nov. Dies back after flowering and reshoots in Autumn. Bulbous roots were cooked and eaten.

Chocolate Lily Arthropodium strictum Origin: Dry/Woodland/Forest. Slender lily to about 0.5m height. Open, grassy areas. Fragrant flowers (when crushed really smells like chocolate.) to 15mm wide between Oct and Dec. Spreads well. Tubers roasted for eating.

Clustered Everlasting Chrysocephalum semipapposum Origin: dry, woodland, forest, upper forest, alpine. Very hardy plant to 1m tall with large clusters of bright yellow round flowers. Flowers between Sep and May

Native Geranium Geranium solanderi Origin: Forest/Upper Forest/Alpine. Height to 50 cm. Flowers to 15 mm between Sept and Mar. Leaves and root have antihistamine useful for insect bites. Tap root was eaten roasted

Sprawling Bluebell Wahlenbergia gracilis Origin: DRY, Woodland/Forest Variable height to 30 cm. Masses of pale blue star flowers for months between Sept and Feb. Coloniser of open spaces.