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Superb Blue Fairy Wren

Let the Aussie Creatures come home – put some local native plants in your garden!

Share your bit of land with some local ‘Aussies’. Our native creatures have lost a lot of habitat but you can give some birds and butterflies a home or food and shelter and in return enjoy their world famous beautiful colours and song.


If you have gum trees, these need the understorey of native grasses, shrubs and ground covers to attract the insects, birds, animals and other creatures that keep the whole ecosystem healthy and resistant to weed invasion.

ringtail_possum mum and babies


YES !! We make house calls. See our Revegetation service page.


We can visit your place to advise on HOW to do it :

  • enhancing and developing your existing native plants: don’t waste what is there !
  • replacing or minimising weeds using native plants
  • minimal or no-mow lawn development by replacing with low-grow native grasses and ground covers
  • keeping the soil in steep places and out of the waterways.

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