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Plants available

Landcare Native plant lists for plants that suit your landscape and type and local conditions are available by clicking on this link Here

Click on this list for more plants that we recommend for planting in the Wodonga area, WODONGA woodland and creekline reveg species 2014

Common NameBotanical nameBush foodDryWoodlandForestUpper ForestAlpine 
Austral IndigoIndigofera australisWFUSprays of striking pinky-purple pea flowers. Attracts native bees
Bidgee-widgeeAcaena novae-zelandieDWFUABinds soil to control erosion
Billabong RushJuncus usitatusWholds banks, shelter for frogs, nesting birds & food for yabbies
BlackwoodAcacia melanoxylonWFUFire resistant
Broad-leaved PeppermintEucalyptus divesWFUto 20m ht. Foliage peppermint scented. Forms hollows
Broom RushJuncus sarophorusWFUGrows well in soaks
Bulbine LilyBulbine bulbosaBFDWFUABright yellow star lily flowers
Chocolate LilyArthropodium strictusBFDWFIt DOES smell like chocolate!
Clustered EverlastingChrysocephalum semipapposumDWFUAyellow daises massed in heads, robust plant
Common Tussock-grassPoa labillardiereiDWFUMedium size tussock, great habitat
Common Wallaby-grassAustrodanthoniaDWFSmaller tussock, mowable, green all year
Common Wheat-grassElymus scaberDWFWiry seed heads. Food for caterpillars of moths & butterflies,stock
Common WoodrushLuzula meridionalisDWFVery hardy attractive small grass-like plant
Creekline or Waterway
Diggers SpeedwellVeronica perfoliataDWFABlue flowers in nodding spray. Will grow under gum trees.
Fine-leaf or Grey Tussock GrassPoa sieberianaDWFSoft, low-grow, mow-able
Ground cover under 1m
Hill Red-gumEucalyptus blakelyiDWMedium tree to 20m tall. Makes hollows
Hillside SedgeCarex incomitataTo 90cm tall tussock. Great soil stabiliser & habitat for frogs,
Kangaroo AppleSolanum laciniatumBFDWLarge shrub 4m X 5m. Very ripe fruit edible. Hardy, fast growing.
Kangaroo GrassThemeda triandraDWFBronze in winter, mow-able
Kidney PlantDichondra repensDWFFast growing for quick cover
Knob SedgeCarex inversaDWFVery hardy attractive tussock to 40cm ht
Ledge GrassPoa hothamensisAlarge, robust tussock grass to 60cm tall Fire retardant.
Long-leaf Box or BundyEucalyptus goniocalyxDTo 15m. Rough bark. Makes hollows. Frost and drought hardy.
Love GrassEragrostis browniiDWFSoft, low-grow
Moira GrassPseudoraphis spinescensWGreat binder for river and creek banks
Native Geranium or Soft Crane's BillGeranium solanderiFUAMasses of small pretty flowers for long periods
Ovens WattleAcacia pravissimaDWFTo 6m very hardy, wedge shaped leaves
Pale Vanilla LilyArthropodium milleflorumBFDWFCrushed flowers smell like vanilla. Tubers bush food.
Prickly Tea-treeLeptospermum continentaleFUSafe nesting and fragrant flowers
Prickly Tea-treeLeptospermum continentaleFUSafe nesting and fragrant flowers
Purple Coral-peaHardenbergia violaceaeDWFIntense purple flowers en masse
Red IronbarkEucalyptus sideroxylonDWHard, black, thick bark. Masses of flowers in winter.
Red StringybarkEucalyptus macrorhynchaDWFTree to 30m, interesting fibrous bark, makes hollows
River Red GumEucalyptus camaldulensisWTall tree to 45m. Fantastic habitat tree on land and in the water
Scrambler or climber
Shiny EverlastingXerochrysum viscosumDWFlarge yellow paper daisies. Fast growing. Brings butterflies.
Slender Knotweed/SmartweedPersicarius decipiensWFV hardy,competes with weeds,to 80cm, slender pink flower heads
Sprawling BluebellWahlenbergia gracilisDWFVery hardy, spreads well, tiny but beautiful blue flower
Sticky Hop BushDodonaea viscosaDWRobust plant with attractive reddish seed capsules in autumn
Tall Mountain Tussock GrassPoa helmsiiWFUGreat habitat beside waterways
Twin-flower KnawelScleranthus biflorusFACushion plant
Varnish WattleAcacia vernicifluaDWFVery hardy, attracts birds and insects
Weeping GrassMicrolaena stipoidesWFUAn attractive, green all year soft grass
Windmill GrassChloris truncataDWFOrnamental seed heads
Yellow BoxEucalytus melliodoraDWFUTree is a hub for animals, including insects, birds and mammals.